About YESPlace

YESplace is a community of young entrepreneurs ages 12-25 and their mentors (business owner volunteers).

Founded in 2012, YESplace helps youth start their own businesses through seminars, one-on-one coaching, training sessions, school clubs and podcasts.

Youth (around age 16) are invited to attend a 1 or 2 day seminar where they are taken through a boot-camp of discovering their life’s passion, embrace the right mindset, learn about business structure, feasibility studies, marketing/ sales, etc. In smaller groups at the seminar they are paired up with local business owners who serve as mentors during the event and agree to work with them for at least a year one-on-one as they start their own businesses.

YESplace clubs are formed at the middle, high school and college levels to teach the necessary skills of an entrepeneur through activities, speakers and board games related to skills they will need to develop.

Podcast shows are aired on the topics of business and success in general. Since 2012 these shows have been aired on a variety of stations around the globe. Show guests have been everyone from local business owners to people like Zig Ziglar’s son Tom, Some of the Osmond Singers, gold medal winners, celebrities and people who have overcome huge challenges in their lives.

In 2015 the City of Murrieta, California (USA) provided a home to the YESplace in their business incubation building where we have a classroom, mentoring office, and webinar studios. From this location we can broadcast webinars and quality audio/video content around the world.

It is the dream of our founder, Denis Nurmela, for a YESplace to be in every city around the world!

Find out more about our founder by visiting his speaker website

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